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Smooth dragging and handling feature enables you to pass through the crowd and narrow paths easily!
"L-Trolley", innovative suitecases and trolley bags that are safe and easy to handle

L-trolley handling animation

Trolley bags are very convenient as you can carry heavy loads easily, but they are apt to hit other people, and sometimes even injure them. That's the reason why many people have stopped to use them.

"L-trolley" is futuristic suitecases and trolley bags that solved such a issue by featuring innovative handle design.

L-trolley, idea and solution

Problematic defects on typical suitecases and trolley bags

Reviewing typical suitcases and carry bags you have used without any doubt, various problems can be found.

Collision with other people

If you are Japanese, you should know and may have been involved in the issue of public concern that trolley bags are dangerous as thay often hit others' feet.

In the case of sutcases, we hardly hear such a problem. The reason might be that they are so huge and conspicuous enough for other people passing by to note and avoid them.

However, at any rate, trolley bags are not smooth to carry through narrow path because the track dosen't position behind you but beside you. It is not safe and smart.

Hard to handle

Remember handling typical trolley bags.

You should drag it with your arm behind you and your upper body twisted. It means, a little bit unreasonable and unbalanced.
That makes you hard to align your body with the bag body in the same axis and perceive exact position of the bag body.

Besides, there are some other problems, such as: - grabbing the grip of the handle with your arm reaching out makes it difficult to control the bag as you intend. - long distance between you and the bag produces two different tracks of you and the bag that might hit others or things
Concentration and skill, like driving a towing vehicle, is required to get through a narrow path or crowded place smoothly.

Nevertheless, the bag body goes aside laterally from your path and is easy to hit other people.

As shown above, the conventional suitcases and carry bags are actually hard to controll and unsafe.

Then...contrivance of...


We designed suitecase/trolley bag solving such problems and offering confortable easy use.
We named them "L-Trolley", as they have L-shaped handle.

L-Trolley: Safe and smooth even in narrow paths and crowds! L-Trolley: Safe and smooth even in narrow paths and crowds! L-Trolley: Safe and smooth even in narrow paths and crowds! L-Trolley: Safe and smooth even in narrow paths and crowds! L-Trolley: Safe and smooth even in narrow paths and crowds!

Ultimate shape designed in pursuit of smarter use

"L-Trolley" with an L-shaped cantilever structure handle enables you to put yourself in the space between the handle and the bag body, and the main body of the bag can be trailed right behind you. It means safer since not hitting others. (Design registered, PAT.P)

L-trolley trailing

In addition, as the grip can be held firmly in front of or on your stomach, it will provide you with stable handling of it and you can direct yourself fully straight forward during dragging.

It means, it offers easy, safe and reliable handling.

handling of L-trolley in the crowd

With "L-Trolley", you can go smoothly without stress even in a narrow path or a crowded place.

Note) It is not guaranteed that L-Trolley will not hit people or objects. Although we take pride in greatly improving safety compared to conventional trolley bags, it is important to pay close attention to others and the surroundings during use.

Ultimate minimal design

minimal design and functionality of L-trolley

The asymmetrical and simple L-shaped handle is the ultimate minimal design that expresses innovative functionality in shape.

Cantilever Structure

The asymmetrical L-shaped handle is composed of cantilever. Cantilever is a rigid structure of which one end is fixed and the other is open. It is adopted to shape a protruding figure, such as, the wing of an aircraft or eaves. Especially, for roofs and eaves of Asian traditional temples like Horyu-ji Temple, structural composition is highly devised.

cantilever instance: aircraft wings
The wing of an airplane is also fixed to its body in cantilever structure.

The cantilever structure is a quite simple structure very commonly found in nature, but the structure is not always advantageous from an engineering standpoint, and has been regarded as a challenging structure in architecture in all ages and land. In order to ensure sufficient strength, a design solution is required so that the protruding part and the main body are tightly connected to each other to form an integral structure as much as possible.

On the other hand, since there is no redundant member, you would note beauty of openness and simplicity. In addition, we sometime expect to include special visual effects such as feeling of floating or tense. In addition, it can be a supple structure and can absorb impact and deformation within its elasticity.

L-Trolley provides unprecedented innovative functions created by taking advantage of this feature of the cantilever structure.

This is what we are particular about, whose origin is architectural research and development.

Large storage capacity

In addition, L-Trolley provides large massive storage space, because the handle rod is retracted to be stored in the corner or the side of the bag, where conventional trolley bags do so in the center to hinder storing large items.

Trolley Lines

We are planning to develop L-Trolley as a series in suitcases, carry bags, carry carts, and other carts.

innovative carry cart animation
L-Trolley carry cart instance

Product commercialization

L-Trolley is currently under research for product commercialization.
If you have any opinions or requests regarding L-Trolley, please let us know.
Also, if there are manufacturers who want to commercialize together or somebody interested in it for business, we are very welcome.
Please don't hesitate to let us know.