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conceptual sketch of ULTRA RAPID PEN

Proposal of "ULTRA RAPID PEN" which can erase characters immediately during writing. (PAT.P)
Many writing instruments have an eraser at the rear end of the pen shaft, but since it is necessary to invert the shaft every time to erase and recover to writing, it takes time and is stressful.
ULTRA RAPID PEN has eraser at its forefront tip and is switchable between writing mode and erasing mode by extruding and retracting the eraser or pen tip with simple operation. You can change the mode instantly whenever you want and no need to flip the shaft during writing any more. It means, it prvoides comfortable and speedy writing.
The mechaism can be applied to pens, such as, erasable pens with frictional eraser and mechanical pens.

At the forefront end of the shaft, eraser in circular or cylindrical shape is installed that stores the pen tip. With the operation, the pen tip comes out of it or withdraw in it relatively (alternatively, the eraser moves).

Above said move is made by swinging or pressing bottons, using the mechanisms cocomposed of some existing ones, such as, pendulum knocking system, side button knocking system, knock cam system.
If it is a mechanical pencil, it can be combined with various lead delivery mechanisms, and if it also need not to change the hand posture when to deliver lead, you don't have to change the holding state all the time of writing work.

ULTRA RAPID PEN does not require a separate eraser, i.e., nor bulky pen case. You can bring it with ease in your pocket wheneve chances are expected.
Easy and quick mode changing enables you to keep concentration on writing without distraction of attention and it eventually improve the quality of the writing content, as well as the speed and confort.

As for ordering, sorry but it is currently under preparation for commercialization, so please wait for a while.

In the case of business offer or inquiries, please never hesitate to contact us. We have various systems other than those introduced here.

Erasable pen - swing switching type

Erasable pen - swing switching type

In recent years, very convenient pens are prevailing: of which the ink is erasable by rubbing with the eraser equipped at the rear end to produce friction heat. However, when you erase characters, it is still necessary to flip the pen shaft (recently separate/independent erasers seem to be available) and much people might feel the stress. ULTRA RAPID PEN mechanism for this kind of pen has a resin eraser at the froefront end of the pen shaft and the pen tip is taken in and out every time the pen is shaken up and down by core-actuating mechanism with pendulum, so that the writing mode and erase mode can be alternated by only swinging.

You may be very familiar with a ballpoint pen with knock button at the rear end to reciprocate the core unit by pressing the button. This mechanism is called "knock cam mechanism" which converts the linear stroke by knocking the button into the rotational motion of the part called rotor with guides or cams. Every time the button is knocked, the rotor will be hooked at the chasm pockets or slits carved on the inside surface of the shaft, and eventually, the pen tip will be put in and out in conjunction with this.

There have been another convenient product as mechanical pencil that can bring out the lead by shaking. It stores a cylindrical pendulum inside the shaft that can knock the lead leading mechanism instead of knocking the end button by the thumb..

ULTRA RAPID PEN has a mechanism combined with above ones to enable you to alternate the modes of writing and erasing only by swinging.

In addition, ULTRA RAPID PEN has locking system for carrying to avoid unexpected jump out of the pen tip due to being knocked by the shake while carrying, as the spring for retraction of the core unit is softer than normal pens.

Mechanical Pencil - side buttons + swing knocking mechanism

Mechanical Pencil - side buttons + swing knocking mechanism
Mechanical Pencil - side buttons + swing knocking mechanism (front view)

It is an example of a mechanical pencil that switches to eraser mode by pressing side knock buttons on the grip part and brings out the lead by swinging.

The ULTRA RAPID PEN stores, inside it's shaft, a fine writing unit of which the mechanism is basically the same as that of general mechanical pencils, and also sylinderical eraser unit at the forefront end. Sliding those units in opposite directions along the pen axis at the same time, the lead of the writing unit and the eraser alternate in the most forefront end and you can switch the modes of writing and erasing.

Where a conventional mechanical pencil with side knock button has only one guide moving along the longitudinal axis by pressing the button to slide the lead container tube to knock to lead the lead, ULTRA RAPID PEN has two guides that move in opposite directions simultaneously by merely pressing the bottons at one and the same time to retract the writing unit and extrude the eraser unit, and eventually to switch to eraser mode with just short strokes of pushing buttons. When pressing the buttons, the pen facilitates the eraser. After finishing erasing, releasing the button enables the pen to recover to writing mode due to stored springs. In the illustration, the pen has two springs for the writing unit and the eraser unit respectively, but installation of a single tensile spring for retraction of those units is also possible. A conventional side knock button type mechanical pencil pushes a side knock button installed on the side surface of the pen shaft, and a guide portion provided on a lead tank (a pipe which stocks the core) undergoes this pushing motion and together with the lead tank It is structured to slide in the direction of the tip along the axis so that the core can be rewound, but this ultra short stroke pen is made by sliding the two sets of guides where the side knock buttons face each other in opposite directions at the same time, The writing unit and the eraser unit connected to each are moved away from each other so that it can be switched to erase mode. The tip of the eraser unit protrudes relative to the tip of the writing unit so that it can be erased.
After erasing the letter, relaxing the force to push the side knock button with your finger restores the writing mode by the force of the spring. Although the spring is installed in each of the writing unit and the eraser unit in the example in the figure, it can also be configured to connect the guides as a tension spring. By sliding a side knock button pressed in, you can lock the movement of the writing unit and eraser unit with the pen tip stored for carrying safely. The side knock buttons have a long shape in the longitudinal direction in order to facilitate usage despite users' habit of holding the pen shaft. The buttons are regulated by the guides to move in parallel for smooth and precise function.

Like switching the modes can be operated by mere pressing and releasing the side knock buttons, lead can be lead by shaking the pen as the weight stored inside the shaft can swing to knock the leading mechanism. It means, all the writing work including erasing/editing can be performed without changing holding state or flipping the shaft. Owing to the structure, the eraser unit does not rotate during normal use, but can rotate when you squeeze and pull it out a bit to protrude the eraser to adjust the tip position in eraser mode like lipstick or glue stick.

In this example, the guide has a conical shape and the side knock buttons are arranged in three directions. That makes it possible to slide the guides powerfully as compared to the case of only one side knock button is installed. Since moving the writing unit and the eraser unit doesn't require large force, it is possible to reduce the angle of the guides and just slight push in the side knock buttons provides enough strokes of the units to achive switching the modes.
When writing, as the writing unit is locked on the pen shaft by the hook claw, you can write without moving it. When the side knock buttons are pushed in, the claw is also pushed in to release the lock and the guides moves to switch the modes.
Generally, when you write with a writing instrument, you would hold the writing instrument with three fingers to write. In the case of this type of ULTRA RAPID PEN, by placing these fingers on the recessed parts between the side knock buttons, you can firmly hold the pen shaft. When you change writing mode to erase mode, the procedure is easy and smooth: slight rotation of the pen shaft as if twisting it with these fingers, putting the fingers on the side knock buttons, and light and slight pushing stroke of the buttons.

Mechanical Pencil - slider switching

Mechanical Pencil - slider switching

It is an example of a simple pencil with a simple structure that feeds an eraser with a slider. Although the eraser unit similar to the example of the side knock button type is provided at the forefront tip of the pen shaft, this eraser unit has a slider operating part that penetrates the pen shaft on the side surface and can be operated from the outside. You can push out and retract the eraser unit like a cutter knife. The knob for the slider mechanism is positioned for easy operation during writing work without changing holding posture of the hand. Besides, due to the claw attached on the back of the knob to engage with the notches along the slider by pressing or releasing the knob, erasing doesn't require you to bear the counterforce from the erase.

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